Trust Management

Currently, Myra Mossman is only accepting trusteeships for charitable trusts.


Ms. Mossman understands the decision to appoint a Professional Trustee is an extremely important one, for all manner of trusts; including living trusts, irrevocable trusts and charitable trusts. Myra Mossman recognizes that a trustee’s fiduciary duty and obligations are amongst the highest standards of care and loyalty that a person owes another. She provides full and complete disclosure of the accounting and fiduciary records. Beneficiaries can acquire the current financial status of the trust, as necessary. Ms. Mossman is able to work with discretion in handling sensitive and confidential matters and is capable of dealing with specialists who handle financial assets, real estate, or personal property, as well as lawyers and tax professionals. Myra is currently a member of the CPA/Law Society of Santa Barbara County.


Ms. Mossman has a Certificate in Fiduciary Management for Trustees, from California State University.



Co-Trustee serving together with a family member or other individuals. 

Full Trustee taking sole legal and fiduciary responsibility under the trust provisions. 

Trustee Agent when the trust allows the trustee to hire professionals to assist in fullfilling the trust responsibilites. 

Successor Trustee assuming responsibility when the trustee is not able or willing to serve. 

Mediator in all aspects of trust disputes.